The Best Outdoor Fitness Activities in Denver, Colorado - Get Your Heart Rate Up and Stay Active

Are you looking for the best outdoor fitness activities in Denver, Colorado? Look no further! From Red Rocks State Park to the Erie Community Center, there are plenty of ways to get your heart rate up and stay active in the Mile High City. Red Rocks State Park is one of the most stunning places in the state of Colorado. Exercise with a view by biking or running down the winding road for an intense cardio session. You can also reach the summit at 7,379 feet high and visit Buffalo Bill's grave.

For a longer workout, check out the 28.5-mile trail that runs through Denver and the Rocky Mountains. Stop at cafes and take advantage of Sheridan's calisthenics equipment in Centennial Park or the outdoor gym just north of Evans. If you're looking for a low-impact workout, try Aqua Fitness at Heather Gardens Clubhouse's indoor pool. This full-body workout uses water resistance to improve strength with minimal impact on joints, muscles, and tendons.

Classes emphasize strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and balance. For a more spiritual workout, visit a Colorado monument and take a symbolic walk or climb the stairs of prayer. You can also join Advanced Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi Chuan classes at the Erie Community Center gym in Erie, Colorado. Qi-gong focuses on coordinating breathing, movement, and mind to improve flexibility and circulation throughout the body.

Since 1997, Fitness Gallery has been proud to be the largest fitness equipment store in Colorado. They offer product testing for prototypes of fitness equipment from several companies to make sure they meet quality standards. They also have a vice president of commercial sales with more than 30 years of experience selling commercial fitness equipment and facility design. Fitness Gallery also has a business account manager with more than 10 years of experience in the fitness equipment industry.

He has helped design, product selection, and installation of hundreds of commercial fitness facilities from small corporate rooms to full fitness centers. The company's president and founder is an entrepreneur and former professional soccer player with more than two decades of experience in the fitness equipment industry. Fitness Gallery has actively participated in events such as the Colfax Marathon and the Colorado Governor's Physical Fitness Council. Finally, they have a Vice President of Training who is a fitness and sales industry veteran with extensive knowledge of equipment, room design, and quality services.

He is passionate about sales, mentoring, leadership, and health and fitness. No matter what kind of outdoor fitness activity you're looking for in Denver, Colorado, there are plenty of options to choose from! From Red Rocks State Park to Aqua Fitness classes to Qi-Gong classes at Erie Community Center gym, you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

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