Climbing to New Heights: Exploring the Best Rock Climbing Gyms in Denver, Colorado

Are you looking for a place to challenge yourself and explore your limits? Denver, Colorado is the perfect destination for rock climbers of all levels. With a wide variety of gyms, there is something for everyone. From the historic Movement Englewood to the modern Beast Fingers climbing gym, Denver has it all. Let's take a look at some of the best rock climbing gyms in Denver, Colorado.

The Denver Bouldering Club has been a favorite among climbers for the past 14 years. With two locations in downtown Denver, it offers different opportunities for growth, with climbing, a gym, fitness classes, and yoga offerings. Movement Baker is dedicated to both rope climbing and bouldering, while RiNo focuses exclusively on bouldering. With a gradual climb suitable for climbers of all levels, Movement Baker and Movement RiNo are two of the best climbing gyms in Denver. A few miles south of Denver proper, Movement Englewood used to be the largest climbing gym in the United States.

It is ideal for those who would like to travel a bit outside of a rock climbing gym in Denver. Beast Fingers climbing gym is located on Broadway Street in the heart of Denver. It is based on full-body athletics and offers climbing walls, gym equipment, and a recovery center with hot and cold pools to heal your body after climbing. Voted the best climbing gym in Boulder for nearly twenty years, the Boulder Rock Club is a great gym with deals for the whole family. While it isn't on the list of Denver rock climbing gyms, it was so fantastic that it had to be on the list.

If you're a bouldering lover looking for one of the best climbing gyms in Denver, Denver Bouldering Club Central is the place for you. With three venues (Thornton, Englewood and Denver), it offers spectacular bouldering activities and a wide range of yoga offerings. The Spot Denver offers 19,000 square meters of rock climbing, fitness and community in Denver's Golden Triangle. With huge rocks, draft beer, and lots of natural light, The Spot Denver is a fun and supportive climbing community for everyone. It automatically renews as a monthly and recurring membership 2 weeks after purchase. Mountain Strong isn't for the weak.

The team believes in training that pushes you to the limit and that sweating and working hard is the best way to achieve your goals. The Spot physical education program offers climbing and fitness classes in addition to regular bouldering. The gym also recently added a membership with a mobile scale to help make climbing more accessible. Colorado is one of two states in the western United States that can claim to be the center of the rock climbing universe in the United States. With five locations in the Denver metro area, Movement has a lot to offer.

The team consists of longtime climbers, yoga instructors, and even Olympic lifters. Not only does it strive to be inclusive for all climbers but also supports non-profit organizations that maintain their commitment to eliminating social and physical barriers surrounding physical fitness. Rock'n & Jam'n is a small chain with two locations, one in the northern metropolitan area and one in the south. This Thornton gym's location is convenient for climbers from downtown Denver to the northern suburbs who prioritize rock climbing as the foundation of their fitness. Finding an ideal option can unlock an exciting experience this season. As one of Colorado's most iconic activities, interest in rock climbing draws many people to Denver every year.

With big walls, expansive bouldering tracks, and other fitness offerings, there are plenty of options available for climbers of all levels.

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