The Best Indoor Fitness Activities in Denver, Colorado

Mackenzie Holm leads a spinning class at CycleBar, while Pure Barre in Boulder offers a Pure Barre platform class taught by Shalisa Pouw. Kenzie Woods works out with others during a PodFit exercise class at the Boulder Yoga Pod. If you're looking to add something new to your workout routine, Denver has plenty of fitness events to choose from. Scott first entered the fitness industry in 1997 as a commercial sales representative for G&G Fitness.

With such an extensive background and such a passionate drive, he is the ideal professional to train and motivate the Fitness Gallery sales team, as well as to help the company remain a major player in the industry. He took 10 years off from physical activity to work in the sector of selling electrical energy in bulk, helping to “keep the lights on”. During this period, he started working in the fitness industry as a maintenance representative for all the fitness equipment of the campus gyms, both for teachers and students. Cottle has been training with Michelle Strohfus since early August as part of the Transform to Trot fitness contest in preparation for the Turkey Rock Trot 5K.

While in high school, Ron was an athlete and participated in soccer and wrestling, and this is where his passion for physical conditioning was born. As a product tester, Nigel tested fitness equipment prototypes for several fitness equipment companies, making sure that the equipment met the quality standards necessary for commercialization. Nigel Anderson has more than thirty years of experience in the specialized fitness industry, including product testing and home and facility design. The Scaled division is for those who are still learning the fundamentals of fitness, while the Rx'd division is for those who are fitness experts.

Ron oversees all of Fitness Gallery's commercial sales operations and manages numerous national accounts in multi-family, student and active adult housing. Jonathan supports the Fitness Gallery culture by making his health and fitness activities a priority in his life. In 1999, he became the CEO of Fitness Gallery, responsible for overseeing a team of 25 people in three different locations.

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